Dalyboy Hyppolite | How to Ace your Acting Audition

Dalyboy Hyppolite | How to Ace your Acting Audition

Whether or not you land the lead or supporting role in a film comes to one moment: your audition. Dalyboy Belgason explains.

You can memorize your lines, practice countless hours beforehand and take alldalyboy hyppolite featured the acting classes in the world, but the point at which it all goes on the line is right there in the audition room. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is where it all goes wrong. Acting in front of what is essentially a panel of judges is stressful for the best of people, and so slipping up is to be expected. But, according to Dalyboy Hyppolite, a professional actor, and director, auditioning, like acting, is a skill in itself, and one that can be learned and mastered. With that in mind, here’s a couple of tips on how to ace your acting audition.


Be Confident

“Confidence is easier said than done,” Dalyboy Hyppolite says. “But really, it’s something that has to be learned, and is the fine line between a successful audition and an abysmal failure.” If you’re going to wow the panel from the moment you walk in, you have to radiate confidence. In the acting business, you’re liable to be performing your craft in front of countless other actors, directors, and members of the production team, so learning to be confident early on is a skill you can apply in many facets of the industry.


Know the Character

This is of vital importance for any role. According to Dalyboy Hyppolite, if you haven’t learned your character, then there’s really no point in attending the audition because there’s bound to be someone who knows it better than you. This doesn’t just mean memorizing lines of a script. Knowing your character goes further than that. It means having a deep understanding of the character’s flaws, personality and ways of speaking. An interviewer might ask you to improvise a line from the character’s point of view that isn’t in a script, and if you’ve only memorized lines, you won’t be prepared for this.


Dalyboy Hyppolite says “Don’t Overdo It!”

“As much as acting is about presenting a believable character,” Dalyboy Hyppolite says. “It’s also all too easy to overact and turn that character into a caricature”. There’s a fine line between over- and under-acting, and crossing over to either side. It can quickly ruin the credibility of what you’re trying to do. If you’re ever in doubt of what it means to overact, simply observe Nicolas Cage in Vampire’s Kiss.

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