Advice for Breaking into Acting with Dalyboy Belgason

Advice for Breaking into Acting with Dalyboy Belgason

Dalyboy Belgason. Becoming an actor or actress is one of the most sought-after professions in the world and one that every young boy or girl wants to pursue after watching movies featuring their favorite stars and starlets.

Los Angeles, California United States, September 12th, 2018 — Skilled actors make it look easy, acting is, in fact, a highly skilled discipline that relies not only on raw talent but years of practice and hard work to achieve believable performances.

Therefore, don’t let this deter you; numerous people become successful working actors every year. With that in mind, we spoke to Dalyboy Belgason, a director and actor, about some must-know acting tips which every aspiring actor should know.


Understand the Craft

Dalyboy Belgason says this is the key to success!

Like any other creative profession, acting is first and foremost an art and a craft. What does this mean? It means that to get better at it, you have to practice, practice, practice. As Dalyboy Belgason says, “Leonardo Dicaprio didn’t become the Leo we know overnight.

Moreso, it took years of dedicated hard work, failed auditions and hours pouring over scripts.” A good departure point is to look into acting schools (or local acting classes and workshops if you’re a full-time worker) to get to grips with the basics.


Go to Every Audition Possible says Dalyboy Belgason

This goes hand in hand with practicing. It’s vital to attend every single audition you possibly can. So, not only does to help you memorize monologues and speeches, but the very act of auditioning is a skill in itself which needs to be honed. According to Dalyboy Belgason, the best places to find entry-level acting roles are community colleges, local plays as well as film universities where student films are being shot.


Put up a Portfolio and get Professional Headshots

Once you have a few roles under your belt, you’ll need to compile them into a resume which you’ll then use to get acting jobs from thereon out. You’ll also want to seek out a photographer who can create a set of professional headshots for you. These have to be good. They’re the first thing prospective directors and producers will see. Your portfolio just as important to your resume as your previous acting experience.


Find an Agent with Dalyboy Belgason

In conclusion, once you’ve built up some experience and been in the game for a little while, it’s time to find an agent. “Agents are an invaluable luxury,” Dalyboy Belgason says. “Beginners might find them expensive and ineffective. However, with the right amount of experience they can greatly enhance the number of jobs you get.”

Agents will be able to get you auditions and land you roles with bigger studios. Furthermore, agents will also hook you up with publicists, and other marketing routes. A vital service if you’re serious about getting your name out there.


Dalyboy Belgason

Dalyboy Belgason

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